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Using the USB INF Builder


Just fill in the blanks. Each item includes an explanation in the help region at the bottom. You should create a new GUID, then use the clipboard to copy that GUID into your application source code.

The output file path should be in the Drivers folder of the WinUsbNet installation. This folder has subfolders with Microsoft’s installers for WinUSB.

You can save the data you enter using the Save command on the File menu. This makes it easy to make changes later. You actually create the INF with the Create INF command on the File menu, or by using the BuildInf button on the toolbar.

The USB INF Builder can also create an INF for a device that will appear as a serial port using the standard windows driver UsbSer.sys. This requires that the device adhere to the USB specification for the Communication Device Class (CDC) using Abstract Control Management (ACM).

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