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Using the WinUsbNet Test App


To use the WinUsbNet Test App, first copy & paste the GUID that WinUSB uses to identify the device. If you used the USB INF Builder, copy the GUID from there. Clicking the Find button will cause a search for any matching devices already attached. The app will also track as devices are attached and detached.

Tooltips are used to explain the usage of each element on the interface. Take a moment to hover the mouse over the various controls. Controls can become enabled or disabled depending on the endpoint and direction selected.

To transfer data, select an endpoint from the dropdown. Most endpoints are either In or Out, but as shown in the screenshot, it is possible for a single endpoint to be both. To read data from an In endpoint, just set the number of bytes to read in the Read Length box (decimal) and click the Transfer Data button. The data will show up as hex bytes in blue in the output window. To send data to an Out endpoint, enter the data in the Out Data (hex) text box as a sequence of hex bytes separated by spaces, then click the Transfer Data button. The data you send will be displayed in the output window in green.

If relevant to your application, you can perform a USB control transfer by selecting “Control” from the Endpoint dropdown. This will enable the group box labeled Control Transfer (hex values), where you can enter the specifics. You will need to understand USB control transfers, although some basic help is available in tooltips.

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